„Renino ir aldosterono ryšys su arterine hipertenzija, sąlygota hiperaldosteronizmo“

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    Aterial hypertension ; Primary hyperaldosteronism ; Hperaldosteronism. Abstract [eng] The aim of study was to analyze significance of renin and aldosterone in diagnostics of primary hyperaldosteronism PHA as cause of arterial hypertension.

    To analyse and evaluate possible changes and differences of demographic and laboratory data between patients with PHA and with other forms of hyperaldosteronism. To evaluate the frequency of underlying pathologies and clinical symptoms in patients with hyperaldosteronism considering the of hyperaldosteronism type.

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    Patients and methods. Retrospective analysis of clinical, demography and laboratory data was done. Concentrations of aldosteron and renin were measured by radio-immunoassay using SR STRATEC Biomedical, Germanyconcentrations of potassium and natrium — by potentiometric titration method, creatinine — Jaffe method, urea — specific enzymatic rate method.

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    Results and conclusions. BMI was significantly higher in hypertensive patients than in patients wihout hypertension, no differences was found in concentrations of aldosterone, renin, potassium, sodium and urea.

    The patients with PHA had significantly higher diastolic blood pressure DBPaldosterone-renin ratio ARS and aldosterone concentration, but lower renin, potassium and creatinine concentrations compared to patients without hyperldosteronism.

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